2018-2019 TEAM


Martin Nolf – MA2 Business Engineering

Manages the whole program. More specifically, he coordinates the different activities of the team,  organizes events and negotiates partnerships.

Contact: martin@solvaymentoringprogram.com

Vice President Marketing

Miguel Parralo – MA2 Business Engineering

Coordinates activities relating to the Marketing Department. He is in charge of the development, communication and execution of the club’s strategy.

Contact: miguel@solvaymentoringprogram.com

Vice President Operations

Bennett Huyghebart – MA2 Business Engineering

Coordinates activities related to the Operations Department.

Contact: bennett@solvaymentoringprogram.com


Communication Manager

Laure Meessen – MA2 Management Science

Takes care of the communication strategy and promotes the SMP on social medias. She also handles our offline presence through the organisation of different events.

Contact: laure@solvaymentoringprogram.com

IT Support & Data Analysis

Jordan Lejeune – MA1 Management Science

Is responsible for the website and IT related matters of the SMP. In addition to that, he conducts data analyses in order to find new development opportunities that might be implemented in the future.

Contact: jordan@solvaymentoringprogram.com

Student Contact

Gaël Langenaecken – BA3 in Economics

Ensures the communication between the SMP and the students that take part in the program. He also helps improving the recruiting of students and is monitoring the quality of relationships between students and alumni.

Contact: gael@solvaymentoringprogram.com

Alumni Contact

Ivan-Alexis Dessargues – MA1 in Business Engineering

He’s the point of contact between the SMP and the alumni. He is also in charge of the recruiting of alumni, the keeping of the alumni database updated. Last but not least, he handles the follow-up of the alumni in order to make sure that they are getting along with their mentees.

Contact: ivan-alexis@solvaymentoringprogram.com

Artistic Manager

Camille Brancquart – BA3 in Economics

Creates visual content for our social media accounts and designs our flyers, posters, …

Contact: camille@solvaymentoringprogram.com


Logistic & Partnership Management

Xu Chen – MA2 in Management Science

Closes new partnership deals and maintains a good relationship with the current ones. She is also responsible for the coordination of event logistics.

Contact: xu@solvaymentoringprogram.com

Advisory Board

Marvin Denis

Co-founder & 2015-2017 President
McKinsey New Ventures

Adrien Gassée

Co-founder & 2015-2017 President

Sebastiano Federighi

2016-2018 President